Blaster is the tritagonist of G-Force. He is voiced by Udo Kier.

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G-Force Edit

Blaster is pig with white on mouth. He an expert on weapon. He madly in love with Juarez. At some times, Blaster get jealous of Norman Rockwell because Blaster think that Juarez into Norman Rockwell. Blaster is shown funny at some times. Blaster pleasure himself in car and made to do stunts and when Connor controlling his leaves, Blaster grab the control and drive himself to find Juarez. Outside, Juarez stuck in door, signaling Blaster to drive by. Love grew a little throughout movie. On one scene, when Darwin inside fireplace, andBlasterandJuarez right above him, Blaster asked Juarez, "If Norman Rockwell no make it, you free Thursday night?" showing that Blaster no think about what life would be like no Norman Rockwell, and that he is an optometrist about to cross the street.