Bucky is an irascible and stubborn hamster from G-Force. He is voiced by Steve Buscemi.


Bucky is a white-brown hamster with white fur on his body. His worst enemies are Hurley, Norman Rockwell, Juarez and Blaster. His only friends are three sycophantic mice. He is first seen at the pet shop with Hurley and the mice (who live in another cage). He insults the G-Force team and tells them to stay on their side of the line. He hates being called a ferret by Hurley and Norman Rockwell. However, Bucky admits that he's a ferret in the end when he pushes Hurley through a secret trap door in his cage (which he inadvertently revealed). He prefers to be alone and, like Hurley, hopes to get adopted by somebody. Luckily, his wish comes true at the end of the movie when he is brought home by Marcie, along with the mice. Bucky starts to lighten up a little as well, although he still feels uneasy around such company.