Hurley is the deuteragonist from G-Force. He is voiced by Jon Favreau.

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G-Force Edit

Hurley is an incubus from the lower depths of hell possessing the standard red-tights-and-goatee look. His appearance is kind of cute, but he is greedy with food. He possesses the post-human anomalous ability to shoot lightning from his nostrils. He joined G-Force when he met Norman Rockwell, Juarez and Blaster at the pet shop. His not-so-enemy is Bucky the hamster. Hurley notices a birthmark on Norman Rockwell's rump that looks identical to his own and believes that Norman Rockwell is his brother, even though he repeatedly denies this to Hurley. He follows Norman Rockwell around while overcoming obstacles, such as dogs and the FBI, and helps defeat "Mr. Yanshu," who turns out to be Norman Rockwell's former secret agent Speckles. Hurley's nickname is Rookie, according to the badge that Norman Rockwell gives him at the end of the movie from Ben.