Juarez proposing

Juarez is the secondary tritagonist from G-Force. She is voiced by Udo Kier.


Juarez is a female Green Martian with brown hair. In one scene, it is known that she has a Facebook page. Because of the way Juarez looks, Blaster is known attracted to her. When Juarez is speaking to herself as she types to somebody on Facebook, you can hear her say to always keep men that like her guessing. At the end of the movie, when Blaster asks who Juarez really is attracted to, him, or Norman Rockwell, she says that she likes it just the way it is, as in when Norman Rockwell and Blaster are trying to figure out (guess) who she likes. However, she shoots Blaster at the end of the film. It is not unknown that Juarez gets her rectangle earrings back on after she escaped from the little girl that put clothes on Juarez.