Captain of dragoons and a Red Eagle of Poland, Pere Ubu is believed to have originated from somewhere near the constellation of Canis Major. Pere Ubu can change height, however he has no control over these episodes and seems to be unaware that they even occur (see the first video). He does, however, have some awareness of the reality-warping powers he posesses (see first video). He was captured by G-force operatives when he attempted to change reality to better suit his personal politics (see second video).When interrogated by G-force operatives, all he had to say was "Quelle? Est-ce un truc de caméra! C'est superposition! Comme Georges Melies!" None of the field agents knew any french.

Alfred Jarry UbuRoi

Alfred Jarry UbuRoi.avi

"Ubu enchaîné" de Jean-Christophe Averty - Archive INA

"Ubu enchaîné" de Jean-Christophe Averty - Archive INA