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The Godfather is a short sexploitation film directed by Peter Jackson and Starring Guy Fieri. It is a non-cannon reimagining of the G-Force universe, in the style of a DC elseworlds story.


In 1945, at his daughter (Played by Guy Fieri) Heidi's wedding, Vito Gforce(Fieri) hears requests in his role as the Godfather, the Don of a New York crime family. Vito's youngest son, Michael(played by Fieri), who was a Marine during World War II, introduces his girlfriend, Kay Adams (Fieri), to his family at the reception. Johnny Fontane (Played by Udo Kier), a famous singer and Vito's godson, seeks Vito's help in securing a movie role; Vito dispatches his consigliere, Tom Hagen (Fieri), to Los Angeles to persuade studio head Alejandro Jodorowsky to give Johnny the part. Jodorowsky refuses until he wakes up in bed with the severed head of Freddie Freaker.

The rest if the film was lost in a house fire. Allegedly, the rest contained various scenes of explicit sexual content, which is where the film got its label as a sexplotation flick.


It was labeled a snuff film when it was revealed that actor Frederick Freaker's REAL severed head was used in a scene.

The video game was fucking shit.