Plot Edit

After being freaked by none other than Freddy Freaker himself, The Prince was transformed into a frog. After being defeated by the dancing sensation sweeping the nation, The Prince resorted to a Himalayan Village where he learned and mastered the Vore martial arts. He mastered his 2 stands, Purple Rain, which blinds his enemies in purple food dye, and his other stand, When Doves Cry in which he deafens his opponents with screeching doves from the heavens. He seeked vengeance for his amphibious form and decided to Vore the freak. However, this goal was deemed unsuccessful as the freak killed him fo realsies.

Appearance Edit

The Prince's appearance changed when he became a frog. He now is dressed in all yellow, showing off his yellow hat, coat, pants, tie, and vest. He is also a frog now.

Personality Edit

Before he was changed into a frog by The Freak, he was a kind and funny individual. The day the dancing sensation displayed his power that all changed. He became a mask of himself. He showed fun on the outside but was defeated on the inside. He was bent on voring the Freak the moment he saw him. Nothing would get in his way from revenge.