Plot Edit

After Freddy Freaker drives the universe to shambles, The Prince takes it upon himself to avenge his fallen comrades and destroy the dancin’ new sensation. Little did he know dramatically he underestimated the raw power that he possesses. The Prince attempts to stop him, yet the Freaker freaks him and he transitions into a frog. The Prince then has an inner struggle as he comes to terms with his new form, which he eventually does, and evolves spiritually. He renames himself Somaiku Roshan and stays in the Himalayan Mountains for years, where he masters the Vore martial arts. His stand name is Purple Rain, and his secondary stand is When Doves Cry, where he calls upon a swarm of doves that have deafening screams. With his newfound power, he then goes to face Freddy Freaker, and gets absolutely fucking obliterated again, but this time he actually dies, just because the script says so.

Appearance Edit

Often seen wearing a purple, Egyptian cotton jacket, along with purple cashmere pants. He has large black poofy hair and owns a large arsenal of necklaces with different insults on them. His favorite one is "Haha big gay" and wears this one most frequently throughout the film.

Personality Edit

His personality was rather comedic and fun, that is until the Freaker unleashed his wrath. After this he becomes a mere shell of his former self, and is fun on the outside but broken on the inside. The Freaker had taken everything he owned and everyone he loved. The Freaker pushed him past his boiling point after he transformed him into a frog. His inner rage was quite strong, and once he faced the Freaker again, he was killed for the second time.